Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rose Cottage

My first  French Cross Stitched Pattern

French Needlepoint Rug

This lovely little rose cottage sits on the marina in Rockport, MA. I imagine this tiny house is mine to decorate with soft pastels and romantic things. I see myself stitching flower patterns by an open window with a stash of soft pink silk threads. Stitch by stitch, time moves slowly, the sound of waves lapping and gulls squawking in the distance. The garden roses bloom bigger here. The ocean air must agree with them.

My husband I take trips to Rockport in summertime. It's about a 45 minute drive from our apartment near Boston. We meander around the shops, stopping for ice cream. Before heading home, we always enjoy a seafood feast at a clam shack. It's like a mini vacation.  


  1. Ohhhh that harbor view. One of my most favorite views in the world.

    1. Me too! Sorry I didn't respond comments section had a glitch! Got a fresh new look wiht a great designer named Maru!