Monday, January 11, 2016

Our Tiny Home

As usual, Miss Ellie saunters in front of me and strikes a pose. She has beagle-swagger. After her photoshoot, she yawns and falls asleep. A doggie-diva's life. 

People ask how we can live comfortably in 800-square feet. I have no answer. It's not for everyone. We have a large storage unit, which is essential for tidiness. We clean with a robotic vacuum called NEATO (unbelievable!). We spend lots of time on the beach and we spend lots of time with each other. We worry less. We have less. It makes our lives rich in countless ways.

I share this small space with my husband and a rescued beagle. We live on the North Shore of Boston near apple orchards, farms and the ocean. This is our first home. A cherished haven. It's close to a beautiful beach. We enjoy every inch of it. We're grateful for a roof over our heads and food on the table. A large storage unit keeps our Christmas decor, luggage and other things organized and out of sight. 

I've scattered my favorite vintage embroidery and seashells around each room. There's always candles, flowers and cross-stitched pieces. I'd love to hang a French chandelier and put in hardwood flooring someday. We have no formal dining room. But that's okay, we never used it much when we had one. We're just so very happy to make our nest near the beautiful blue sea.

Skinny Christmas Tree 


  1. Very, very beautiful. And an inspiring viewpoint. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I wrote a previous comment a min ago but my ipad kicked me out so not sure if you got it. I love your beautiful decor and space. How wonderful to be near the beach! My 620 sq ft is cluttered with crafts, but I've heard that clutter is a sign of creativity! Lol I'll go with that! Happy stitching and designing! I love your roses! :)

    1. Hello Anne! Thank you for your kind comments! Crafting clutter is a definite sign of creativity. I think I've tried every craft out there. I make lots of crafting messes too. ;) Happy Crafting! xx ~ Jilly

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