Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cliffs and Cottage Gardens

Tom and I often walk our beagle along coastal roads, searching for quaint cottages and stopping for lobster rolls. Today I found our dream home. A little cape cod style cottage on some rocky cliffs that jut out into the Atlantic. The ocean sparkles with sunshine and the seaside gardens are in full bloom. Summertime flowers are everywhere. When I'm designing a new pattern or writing a blog post, I keep a small vase of blooms on my desk for inspiration. Fresh flowers perk up any room.

Beautiful flowers deserve pretty vases, right? This Uncommongoods hand blown glass vase is made by a Rhode Island artist. It's perfect for a single bloom. Whether it's garden hydrangea, a daisy or even a supermarket rose, this Hand-Blown Glass Vase  is a graceful vessel. The heart-shaped opening at the mouth of the vase is an extra special touch. The artist, Jill Henrietta Davis, created her own tool in order to shape the mouth of the vase. The vase comes in vibrant blue and red. I love the violet shade. To view all the colors click here.

The Heart Vase  arrives well packaged with a description of how the artist made it. Blooms rest easily in it without any fussy flower arranging. Every vase is unique since each one is made by hand in her glass studio. A few years ago, I sent this vase to my favorite aunt. Now it's my turn to put flowers in it.

I continue to partner with Uncommongoods to feature some of their wonderful products. I'm picky about the products I endorse here. But I love this company. I'm very happy to share their products with you.

Sailboat Painting by Gary Oro
Uncommongoods also offers a creative selection of art and pillows.
To view more distinctive gifts for men and women click here.

Enjoy The Day!
xx ~ Jilly 

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