Friday, November 10, 2017

Azalea-Pink French Linen Monogram

Hello Friends! Just a quick note to thank you for your continued support in purchasing my cross stitch patterns and embroidery supplies. My heart is happy when you stitch my patterns. I love receiving emails from you too. I spend a good amount of time doing homeless outreach. Designing and stitching cross stitch patterns is my stress-relief and my joy. Sew French cross stitch shop is my side-hustle. To open my sewing box and see linens and luminous silk thread soothes my soul.

It's snowing here in New England. The ocean breeze is brisk. A perfect day to get my hygge-on and bake this Tahini Banana Bread. I added dark chocolate chips to the recipe. I can't resist putting chocolate in everything. Sesame and banana are a winning combination.

February is a good month to get cozy and stitch something soulful with your hands. Right now, a monogram is in my hoop. The monogram is stitched on Azalea-pink Sajou French linen. The linen is currently sold out in my shop. I hope to get more linen very soon. The bright pink color is cheerful and beautiful. As always, my favorite French embroidery hoops and other cross stitch supplies are available in my shop too.

In support of other creatives, here's a link to my coworker's Etsy shop. Stephanie is a kind counselor who works with me in the crisis unit at the hospital. Pop on over to her shop to see what she's crafting. Also, The Thread Gatherer  sells luminous hand-dyed silk embroidery thread for those of you like me who love to stitch with silk thread. For all you knitters out there, Ginny Sheller sells beautiful hand-dyed yarn in her Etsy shop that she makes with natural botanicals. My cross stitching buddy, Jacob, from across the pond has a fun three dimensional stitching tutorial on his website too.

As I finish typing, the snow is still falling. I'm on my second cup of coffee. It's one of those beautifully ordinary days. The best kind of days. 

Happy Cozy Crafting! 
xx ~ Jilly