Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY Organic Clay Bowls

These organic bowls are modern pieces of art that even kids can make. They can stand alone or be put to use as pretty ring/jewelry or key bowls. They make trendy tealight candle holders too. Simply made from air dry clay and glitter paint, the black ones remind me of lava rocks or druzy stones. I had lots of fun making them. Martha Stewart's Glitter paint gives their insides lots of bling. I'ts my philosophy that a little bling is never a bad thing. Martha's glitter paint comes in different colors from pink to turquiose too. You can customize this project to your taste. For example, if you paint the outside white and the inside turquoise or pink, it will create a beachy feel. Make the bowls as large or small as you'd like. Several large and small ones, grouped together on a table, look sophisticated and dramatic. Have fun!

Let's Get Started

For This Project You'll Need

  • Air Dry Clay
  • A small bowl. I used a 4 inch bowl for this project.
  • Martha Stewart's Multi-Surface Glitter Paint in Antique Silver and Florentine Gold or pick your favorite colors
  • Black or white acrylic craft paint or both
  • A paint brush
  • A rolling pin
  • A knife or a clay cutting tool  
  • A piece of sandpaper or a sanding sponge 


Take a large chunk of air dry clay and roll it into a ball. Flatten the ball on a smooth surface. Use a rolling pin to roll it out into a circular shape that's a little bigger than the bowl you're using. Don't roll the clay out too thin. You want a sturdy bowl. Use the bowl and clay cutting tool to cut the clay into a circle. Gently turn the edges of the clay circle inward, forming a free-form bowl shape. If the edges seem jagged, smooth them with your fingertips. It may help to wet your fingertips with a little water. Have fun and don't worry about making mistakes. This project is very forgiving. You will use the sandpaper to smooth out the edges once the clay is dry. Place the clay bowl on a clean surface and let it dry overnight. It may take longer to dry. My bowls took about 48 hours to dry.

Once the bowls are fully dry, use the sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges. Brush the dust off with your paintbrush. Rinse the paint brush and pat dry. Paint the inside of the bowl with any color of Martha Stewart Glitter Paint. The shine comes through once the paint has dried. My bowls took three coats of glitter paint to achieve maximum sparkle. Paint the outsides of the bowls with black or white paint. My bowls took three coats of black or white paint. Remember to make sure the clay is completely dry before painting them.

Tip: Store any extra unused clay in a well sealed bag or container with a damp paper towel on top of the clay so it doesn't dry out.

Happy Crafting!


  1. These are great! I bet you could make some really cute candles too!!! :)

    1. Thanks Anna! I was thinking of making candles soon. I love your blog! Beautiful photos! Thanks for visiting mine! 😉