Monday, October 13, 2014


I recently lost my case management job due to lack of funding.  I was sad for a while, laying around in my PJ's, feeling scared and sorry for myself.  After the initial shock wore off, I decided to get dressed and get on with things.  

First, I went to the mall to buy more MAC red lipstick to fuel my addiction. Then, I visited my favorite hairstylist, telling him "Give me a new look 'cause I'm in need of a makeover."  He said, "Yes! Let's do this!" He colored my hair Elizabeth Taylor-black and chopped most of it off. It was the change I needed.    

Losing my job has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Lots more time to stitch, cook, pray, be with my husband and take long walks with my dog. I know the right job will come along when the time is right.          

While temporarily escaping my reality at the salon, I spied Lauren Conrad’s Beverly Hills penthouse apartment, done in a shabby-chic-esque style. This lively, feminine space is featured in the  October issue of InStyle. To see more of her chic pad click here.  What I like most about it is her fresh approach to color. The neutrals give the eyes a break. Black grounds things. It's sophisticated yet warm. 

I tend to decorate with the same approach, using neutrals with pops of color and black accents, albeit on a budget. I like combining French and vintage pieces with modern touches. I purchased the modern chandelier (below) online, putting it together myself. My favorite painting of Camille Monet hangs on the wall. She's wearing an embroidered kimono. Did you know she was an expert embroiderer? I read that Claude admired her embroidery very much.   

So that's it for now...of course I'm working on a new French stitching project too! As we all know, cross-stitching soothes the soul. 

My favorite painting over a vintage table with a modern chandelier. 

This is a simple cross-stitched monogram I did a few years ago. The pattern is featured in a book called ABC aux Ancolies from a French company called Rouge du Rhin. Click here for their wonderful website. It's in French and English. They ship their beautiful patterns to the USA. The monogram is stitched with white silk floss on natural linen, creating a peaceful/neutral look. To give it some pizazz, I added a few pearl beads in the center of the flower. 

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