Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tea and Stitching

When I want to ease into my mornings, I choose a hot cuppa tea, quiet prayer and gentle stitching. Today, the windows are wide open. I did a bit of cleaning. There's a cool breeze coming off the ocean. Since my home is small, tidying up is easy. The only thing I long for is hardwood floors. Maybe someday. I'll probably never give up my love of real wood floors and French chandeliers.

My favorite tea shop is only a few miles away. Jolie Tea Company is a pretty little gem located across from the Hawthorne Hotel  in downtown Salem, Massachusetts. If you're visiting Salem in the summer, check out this petite French tea shop.

I usually order their refreshing Raspberry Rose Petal iced tea in summer; a blend of hibiscus, rose hips and apple. Jolie offers many different black, green and oolong teas too. My favorite black tea is strong and malty Assam. Each hot or iced tea is brewed to order. They also have French macarons, croissants and madeleines. The staff is friendly and eager to help you with your selection. The teas are all on display for you to browse. After my daily walks in the parks and on the piers, iced tea is just the thing to hydrate me. Now, it's time to settle down for some stitching.

My latest pattern, Butterfly Bloom, is relaxing to stitch in summer. When the air conditioner is humming and the house is clean and cool, a bit of time with a needle and thread is soothing. This design is inspired by vintage embroidery. I love the pink, teal, raspberry and aqua colors. They remind me of my favorite tea shop.The pattern is available in my petite shop now. Pop on over there to find out more.

Happy Sipping And Stitching!
xx ~ Jilly 

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