Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fleur De Lis French Alphabet Sampler

Hello Friends!

It has been a week since I deleted my Instagram account. I feel refreshed and creative again. I know people use Instagram as an escape and a source of inspiration. There are many wonderful Instagram pages. Oh how I loved the Danish Instagrammers who posted photos from their little, snow-covered cabins in the far North. Their cabin interiors were always glowing with votive candles and firelight. They shared recipes for simple, Nordic Christmas treats like rice porridge. My husband loves the rice porridge. It's like rice pudding only much lighter. You sweeten the porridge by sprinkling sugar and cinnamon on top. I'm always amazed how something so simple can be so good!

I love embroidery because it gives me a chance to move away from a computer screen and enjoy stitching something with my own hands. My Fleur Del Lis & French Alphabet Sampler is currently in my hoop. The photo above is a computer generated image of the design. Once the sampler is stitched and framed, I'll post a photo here and in my shop.

Don't you just love vintage samplers? The kind that little girls stitched at school while learning the alphabet. My French sampler has a modern edge when stitched with white linen and beautiful, Paris-pink silk thread. I love to stitch with silk floss, but DMC embroidery floss comes in 400 colors and DMC thread is found at most craft stores. The pattern can also be stitched with white floss on colored linen.

The colors of seashells and flowers always inspire me. I keep both on my desk when designing my patterns. This is the largest pattern I've designed, measuring 9 by 14 inches. The beauty of cross stitching is the slow and meditative process. So I'll take my time and enjoy each stitch. You can learn more about this French sampler by clicking here.  Until next time...

Happy Stitching!
xx ~ Jilly    

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