Thursday, April 6, 2017

French Monogram

Hello Friends!

Many of you have written to me about this French Monogram. Thank you for your interest. I stitched the design about ten years ago. The monogram remains one of my favorite pieces. I had such a relaxing time working on this pattern. Cross stitching allows us to slow down and make something with our own hands. With each stitch, the stress of the day fades away.

It's also amazing to me how a simple piece of handmade textile art can turn up the charm in a room. Everyday, I admire the gentle scrolls, flourishes and quiet elegance of this French monogram. Fresh roses in mint julep cups and pearly-shells are part of the decor here too. I was schooled in the simple elegance of flowers in julep cups by a high-end florist I worked for in Philadelphia. Julep cups make garden roses and even supermarket flowers into something elegant and special. Effortless flower arranging at its best.

Anyway...back to the monogram. I cannot recall the exact color of the linen I used to stitch this monogram. I think it was 32-count Confederate Grey Belfast Linen made by the Zweigart Company. The color is a very light blue-grey. I usually stitch all my pieces with 32-count linen made by Zweigart. They have a nice range of colors. I used French white silk thread to stitch this piece. The French silk thread is available in my Shop.

I've contacted the French company that makes this monogram. If I can offer the monogram in my shop, I will. I'm waiting to hear back from them about whether I can sell this pattern by itself. The chart is clear. There's an alphabet of letters for personalizing the design. At present, the company only sells the pattern as a kit with natural linen. If you're interested in their kit, it's available at Rouge du Rhin. Click here to go to their website. 

Happy Stitching!
xx ~ Jilly 

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